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CarlaCraft craft punches are specialized paper cutters that with one push allow anyone to easily create complex and unique shapes.

Craft punches are used to create greeting cards, albums, 3D art and can provide enjoyment to a wide range of individuals from children to the elderly alike.


Recommended Paper : 100-160gsm paper

Recycled paper is not recommended due to lots of texture inside.

When using the craft punch with origami or other lightweight paper, you may not be able to cleanly cut out the pattern, If the paper is thin, try with 2-3 stacked sheets or place copy paper beneath it. This will often result in a clean pattern cut.


There are times when the push button won't return after punching out a pattern. This is due to the rod and base becoming locked and is caused by one of the following reasons

1. Jammed Lock - when punching out a pattern from thin paper, a portion of the paper has failed to cut and become jammed between the rod and base.

2. Sticky Lock - when punching out a pattern in a sticky or adhesive material, the sticky substance has entered between the rod and base.




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