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Creative Project - Snowman Greeting Card

Punches Used:

1) CN-30 Macaron

2) CN-45 Leaf with applicator CP-A

3) CP-2 Frost Snow Flake, Sun

4) CN-12 letters

5) SC-08


Creative Project Idea

Pass your regards and greeting to your friends in a special season by using items from Craft Craft, plus some ideas and  a few things you probably have at home.

Make your own calendar with some special date marked and decorate it with some paper shapes, stickers, your daily life photos, etc. 

Send a handmade greeting card to your friend. Use some colorful paper / wrapping paper leftover at your home to have a great background of your card and on top of it, put some cute and seasonal shapes. Last, highlight it by using some small crystals. Simple, but special for your friends and family.


  1. Prepare some 1" x 1" squares and design the background of your card. 

  2. Put some seasonal shapes on top of it.

  3. Add a border with wave edge by using craft scissors or trimmers

  4. Decorate and highlight the cards using some crystals.

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