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Creative Project - Xmas Tree in Snow

Punches Used:

1) CN-30 Macaron

2) CN-45 Leaf with applicator CP-A

3) CP-2 Frost Snow Flake, Sun

4) CN-12 letters

5) SC-08


 ** We can make lace border also by using "Tarte" , "Cream Bluree" or "Biscuit"

Creative Project Idea

Keep your great memory using items from Carla Craft, plus a few things you probably have at home.

White christmas with full of happiness and fun. Decorate your xmas tree by using some color paper your can find at home. This idea can be applied in making xmas cards to your friends. 



  1. Prepare some paper of different color/pattern (with some green on it), trim it into 1 inch width.

  2. Make some lace border by continuous punching of "Macaron" of Florence Muret Collection (CN-30) . 

  3. Stick the above 1) and 2) to make a xmas tree on a 12" x 12" paper.

  4. Have some decoration by using any shapes /pictures you like.

  5. Some large flowers, made of shapes came from CN-45-Leaft, can hightlight the xmas tree.

  6. Last, put some snow flakes all around.




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